Struct rustc_interface::util::ReplaceBodyWithLoop[][src]

pub struct ReplaceBodyWithLoop<'a, 'b> {
    within_static_or_const: bool,
    nested_blocks: Option<Vec<Block>>,
    resolver: &'a mut Resolver<'b>,
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Replaces function bodies with loop {} (an infinite loop). This gets rid of all semantic errors in the body while still satisfying the return type, except in certain cases, see below for more.

This pass is known as everybody_loops. Very punny.

As of March 2021, everybody_loops is only used for the -Z unpretty=everybody_loops debugging option.

FIXME: Currently the everybody_loops transformation is not applied to:

  • const fn; support could be added, but hasn’t. Originally const fn was skipped due to issue #43636 that loop was not supported for const evaluation.
  • impl Trait, due to issue #43869 that functions returning impl Trait cannot be diverging. Solving this may require ! to implement every trait, which relies on the an even more ambitious form of the closed RFC #1637. See also #34511.


within_static_or_const: boolnested_blocks: Option<Vec<Block>>resolver: &'a mut Resolver<'b>


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