pub type CanonicalInput<'tcx, T = Predicate<'tcx>> = Canonical<TyCtxt<'tcx>, QueryInput<'tcx, T>>;

Aliased Type§

struct CanonicalInput<'tcx, T = Predicate<'tcx>> {
    pub value: QueryInput<'tcx, T>,
    pub max_universe: UniverseIndex,
    pub variables: &'tcx List<CanonicalVarInfo<TyCtxt<'tcx>>>,


§value: QueryInput<'tcx, T>§max_universe: UniverseIndex§variables: &'tcx List<CanonicalVarInfo<TyCtxt<'tcx>>>


Note: Unable to compute type layout, possibly due to this type having generic parameters. Layout can only be computed for concrete, fully-instantiated types.