pub(super) fn find_opaque_ty_constraints_for_tait(
    tcx: TyCtxt<'_>,
    def_id: LocalDefId
) -> Ty<'_>
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Checks “defining uses” of opaque impl Trait types to ensure that they meet the restrictions laid for “higher-order pattern unification”. This ensures that inference is tractable. In particular, definitions of opaque types can only use other generics as arguments, and they cannot repeat an argument. Example:

type Foo<A, B> = impl Bar<A, B>;

// Okay -- `Foo` is applied to two distinct, generic types.
fn a<T, U>() -> Foo<T, U> { .. }

// Not okay -- `Foo` is applied to `T` twice.
fn b<T>() -> Foo<T, T> { .. }

// Not okay -- `Foo` is applied to a non-generic type.
fn b<T>() -> Foo<T, u32> { .. }