[][src]Trait rustc_driver::pretty::PrinterSupport

trait PrinterSupport: PpAnn {
    fn sess(&self) -> &Session;
fn pp_ann(&self) -> &dyn PpAnn; }

Required methods

fn sess(&self) -> &Session

Provides a uniform interface for re-extracting a reference to a Session from a value that now owns it.

fn pp_ann(&self) -> &dyn PpAnn

Produces the pretty-print annotation object.

(Rust does not yet support upcasting from a trait object to an object for one of its super-traits.)

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impl<'a> PrinterSupport for HygieneAnnotation<'a>[src]

impl<'hir> PrinterSupport for IdentifiedAnnotation<'hir>[src]

impl<'hir> PrinterSupport for NoAnn<'hir>[src]

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