Function rustc_driver::install_ice_hook

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pub fn install_ice_hook(
    bug_report_url: &'static str,
    extra_info: fn(_: &DiagCtxt)
) -> Arc<AtomicBool>
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Installs a panic hook that will print the ICE message on unexpected panics.

The hook is intended to be useable even by external tools. You can pass a custom bug_report_url, or report arbitrary info in extra_info. Note that extra_info is called in a context where the thread is currently panicking, so it must not panic or the process will abort.

If you have no extra info to report, pass the empty closure |_| () as the argument to extra_info.

Returns a flag that can be set to disable the note for submitting a bug. This can be passed to RunCompiler::set_using_internal_features to let macro expansion set it when encountering internal features.

A custom rustc driver can skip calling this to set up a custom ICE hook.