pub trait CoverageInfoMethods<'tcx>: BackendTypes {
    fn coverageinfo_finalize(&self);
    fn define_unused_fn(&self, def_id: DefId);
    fn get_pgo_func_name_var(&self, instance: Instance<'tcx>) -> Self::Value;

Required Methods

Codegen a small function that will never be called, with one counter that will never be incremented, that gives LLVM coverage tools a function definition it needs in order to resolve coverage map references to unused functions. This is necessary so unused functions will appear as uncovered (coverage execution count 0) in LLVM coverage reports.

For LLVM codegen, returns a function-specific Value for a global string, to hold the function name passed to LLVM intrinsic instrprof.increment(). The Value is only created once per instance. Multiple invocations with the same instance return the same Value.