struct AbortCodegenOnDrop<B: ExtraBackendMethods>(Option<OngoingCodegen<B>>);
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A curious wrapper structure whose only purpose is to call codegen_aborted when it’s dropped abnormally.

In the process of working on rust-lang/rust#55238 a mysterious segfault was stumbled upon. The segfault was never reproduced locally, but it was suspected to be related to the fact that codegen worker threads were sticking around by the time the main thread was exiting, causing issues.

This structure is an attempt to fix that issue where the codegen_aborted message will block until all workers have finished. This should ensure that even if the main codegen thread panics we’ll wait for pending work to complete before returning from the main thread, hopefully avoiding segfaults.

If you see this comment in the code, then it means that this workaround worked! We may yet one day track down the mysterious cause of that segfault…

Tuple Fields

0: Option<OngoingCodegen<B>>


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