[][src]Enum rustc_ast::ast::MacArgs

pub enum MacArgs {

Arguments passed to an attribute or a function-like macro.



No arguments - #[attr].


Delimited arguments - #[attr()/[]/{}] or mac!()/[]/{}.


Arguments of a key-value attribute - #[attr = "value"].


impl MacArgs[src]

pub fn delim(&self) -> DelimToken[src]

pub fn span(&self) -> Option<Span>[src]

pub fn inner_tokens(&self) -> TokenStream[src]

Tokens inside the delimiters or after =. Proc macros see these tokens, for example.

pub fn need_semicolon(&self) -> bool[src]

Whether a macro with these arguments needs a semicolon when used as a standalone item or statement.

Trait Implementations

impl Clone for MacArgs[src]

impl Debug for MacArgs[src]

impl<__D: Decoder> Decodable<__D> for MacArgs[src]

impl<__E: Encoder> Encodable<__E> for MacArgs[src]

impl<__CTX> HashStable<__CTX> for MacArgs where
    __CTX: HashStableContext

Auto Trait Implementations

impl !RefUnwindSafe for MacArgs[src]

impl !Send for MacArgs[src]

impl !Sync for MacArgs[src]

impl Unpin for MacArgs[src]

impl !UnwindSafe for MacArgs[src]

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