Trait rustc_apfloat::ieee::Semantics[][src]

pub trait Semantics: Sized {
    const BITS: usize;
    const PRECISION: usize;
    const MAX_EXP: ExpInt;
    const MIN_EXP: ExpInt;
    const QNAN_BIT: usize;
    const QNAN_SIGNIFICAND: u128;
    fn from_bits(bits: u128) -> IeeeFloat<Self> { ... }
fn to_bits(x: IeeeFloat<Self>) -> u128 { ... } }
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Represents floating point arithmetic semantics.

Associated Constants

Total number of bits in the in-memory format.

Number of bits in the significand. This includes the integer bit.

The largest E such that 2E is representable; this matches the definition of IEEE 754.

The smallest E such that 2E is a normalized number; this matches the definition of IEEE 754.

The significand bit that marks NaN as quiet.

The significand bitpattern to mark a NaN as quiet. NOTE: for X87DoubleExtended we need to set two bits instead of 2.

Provided methods