Function core::arch::nvptx::vprintf

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pub unsafe extern "C" fn vprintf(
    format: *const u8,
    valist: *const c_void
) -> i32
🔬This is a nightly-only experimental API. (stdsimd #48556)
Available on target_arch="nvptx64" only.
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Print formatted output from a kernel to a host-side output stream.

Syscall arguments:

  • status: The status value that is returned by vprintf.
  • format: A pointer to the format specifier input (uses common printf format).
  • valist: A pointer to the valist input.
struct PrintArgs(f32, f32, f32, i32);

    "int(%f + %f) = int(%f) = %d\n".as_ptr(),
    transmute(&PrintArgs(a, b, a + b, (a + b) as i32)),

Sources: Programming Guide, PTX Interoperability.