Rust 2021

🚧 The 2021 Edition has not yet been released and hence this section is still "under construction". You can read more about our plans in this blog post.

Release version1.56.0 (anticipated)

The Rust 2021 Edition is currently slated for release in Rust 1.56.0. Rust 1.56.0 will then be in beta for six weeks, after which it is released as stable on October 21st.

However, note that Rust is a project run by volunteers. We prioritize the personal well-being of everyone working on Rust over any deadlines and expectations we might have set. This could mean delaying the edition a version if necessary, or dropping a feature that turns out to be too difficult or stressful to finish in time.

That said, we are on schedule and many of the difficult problems are already tackled, thanks to all the people contributing to Rust 2021! 💛