Function core::arch::riscv64::aes64ks2

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pub unsafe fn aes64ks2(rs1: u64, rs2: u64) -> u64
🔬This is a nightly-only experimental API. (riscv_ext_intrinsics #114544)
Available on RISC-V RV64 and target feature zkne and target feature zknd only.
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This instruction implements part of the KeySchedule operation for the AES Block cipher.

This instruction implements the additional XOR’ing of key words as part of the AES block cipher Key Schedule. This instruction must always be implemented such that its execution latency does not depend on the data being operated on.

Source: RISC-V Cryptography Extensions Volume I: Scalar & Entropy Source Instructions

Version: v1.0.1

Section: 3.11


This function is safe to use if the zkne or zknd target feature is present.