Function std::cmp::minmax_by

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pub fn minmax_by<T, F>(v1: T, v2: T, compare: F) -> [T; 2]
where F: FnOnce(&T, &T) -> Ordering,
🔬This is a nightly-only experimental API. (cmp_minmax #115939)
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Returns minimum and maximum values with respect to the specified comparison function.

Returns [v1, v2] if the comparison determines them to be equal.


use std::cmp;

assert_eq!(cmp::minmax_by(-2, 1, |x: &i32, y: &i32| x.abs().cmp(&y.abs())), [1, -2]);
assert_eq!(cmp::minmax_by(-2, 2, |x: &i32, y: &i32| x.abs().cmp(&y.abs())), [-2, 2]);

// You can destructure the result using array patterns
let [min, max] = cmp::minmax_by(-42, 17, |x: &i32, y: &i32| x.abs().cmp(&y.abs()));
assert_eq!(min, 17);
assert_eq!(max, -42);