Tier: 3

Target maintainers

  • Donald Hoskins grommish@gmail.com, https://github.com/Itus-Shield


This target is cross-compiled. There is no support for std. There is no default allocator, but it's possible to use alloc by supplying an allocator.

By default, Rust code generated for this target uses -msoft-float and is dynamically linked.

This target generated binaries in the ELF format.

Building the target

This target is built exclusively within the OpenWrt build system via the rust-lang HOST package

Building Rust programs

Rust does not yet ship pre-compiled artifacts for this target. To compile for this target, you will either need to build Rust with the target enabled (see "Building the target" above).


As mips64-openwrt-linux-musl supports a variety of different environments and does not support std, this target does not support running the Rust testsuite at this time.