Apple macOS on 32-bit x86.

Target maintainers


See the docs on *-apple-darwin for general macOS requirements.

Building the target

You'll need the macOS 10.13 SDK shipped with Xcode 9. The location of the SDK can be passed to rustc using the common SDKROOT environment variable.

Once you have that, you can build Rust with support for the target by adding it to the target list in config.toml:

target = ["i686-apple-darwin"]

Using the unstable -Zbuild-std with a nightly Cargo may also work.

Building Rust programs

Rust no longer ships pre-compiled artifacts for this target. To compile for this target, you will either need to build Rust with the target enabled (see "Building the target" above), or build your own copy using build-std or similar.


Running this target requires an Intel Macbook running macOS 10.14 or earlier, as later versions removed support for running 32-bit binaries.