Apple Mac Catalyst targets.

Tier: 3

  • aarch64-apple-ios-macabi: Mac Catalyst on ARM64.
  • x86_64-apple-ios-macabi: Mac Catalyst on 64-bit x86.

Target maintainers


These targets are cross-compiled, and require the corresponding macOS SDK (MacOSX.sdk) which contain ./System/iOSSupport headers to allow linking to iOS-specific headers, as provided by Xcode 11 or higher.

The path to the SDK can be passed to rustc using the common SDKROOT environment variable.

OS version

The minimum supported version is iOS 13.1.

This can be raised per-binary by changing the deployment target. rustc respects the common environment variables used by Xcode to do so, in this case IPHONEOS_DEPLOYMENT_TARGET.

Building the target

The targets can be built by enabling them for a rustc build in config.toml, by adding, for example:

target = ["aarch64-apple-ios-macabi", "x86_64-apple-ios-macabi"]

Using the unstable -Zbuild-std with a nightly Cargo may also work.

Building Rust programs

Rust programs can be built for these targets by specifying --target, if rustc has been built with support for them. For example:

$ rustc --target aarch64-apple-ios-macabi your-code.rs


Mac Catalyst binaries can be run directly on macOS 10.15 Catalina or newer.

x86 binaries can be run on Apple Silicon by using Rosetta.

Note that using certain UIKit functionality requires the binary to be bundled.