Rust 1.5.0

The Rust Project FAQ

1 What is this project's goal, in one sentence?

To design and implement a safe, concurrent, practical, static systems language.

2 Why are you doing this?

Existing languages at this level of abstraction and efficiency are unsatisfactory. In particular:

3 What are some non-goals?

4 Is any part of this thing production-ready?


5 Is this a completely Mozilla-planned and orchestrated thing?

No. It started as a Graydon Hoare's part-time side project in 2006 and remained so for over 3 years. Mozilla got involved in 2009 once the language was mature enough to run some basic tests and demonstrate the idea. Though it is sponsored by Mozilla, Rust is developed by a diverse community of enthusiasts.

6 What will Mozilla use Rust for?

Mozilla intends to use Rust as a platform for prototyping experimental browser architectures. Specifically, the hope is to develop a browser that is more amenable to parallelization than existing ones, while also being less prone to common C++ coding errors that result in security exploits. The name of that project is Servo.

7 Why a BSD-style permissive license rather than MPL or tri-license?

8 Why dual MIT/ASL2 license?

The Apache license includes important protection against patent aggression, but it is not compatible with the GPL, version 2. To avoid problems using Rust with GPL2, it is alternately MIT licensed.