Module std::rt [] [src]


: this public module should not exist and is highly likely to disappear

Runtime services

The rt module provides a narrow set of runtime services, including the global heap (exported in heap) and unwinding and backtrace support. The APIs in this module are highly unstable, and should be considered as private implementation details for the time being.


pub use self::util::min_stack;
pub use self::unwind::{begin_unwind, begin_unwind_fmt};


args [Unstable]

Global storage for command line arguments

backtrace [Unstable]

Simple backtrace functionality (to print on panic)

heap [Unstable]
unwind [Unstable]

Implementation of Rust stack unwinding

util [Unstable]



The default error code of the rust runtime if the main thread panics instead of exiting cleanly.


at_exit [Unstable]

Enqueues a procedure to run when the main thread exits.

cleanup [Unstable]

One-time runtime cleanup.