Struct core::marker::NoCopy [] [src]

pub struct NoCopy;
Deprecated since 1.2.0

: structs are by default not copyable

A type which is considered "not POD", meaning that it is not implicitly copyable. This is typically embedded in other types to ensure that they are never copied, even if they lack a destructor.

Trait Implementations

Derived Implementations

impl Ord for NoCopy

fn cmp(&self, __arg_0: &NoCopy) -> Ordering

impl PartialOrd for NoCopy

fn partial_cmp(&self, __arg_0: &NoCopy) -> Option<Ordering>

fn lt(&self, __arg_0: &NoCopy) -> bool

fn le(&self, __arg_0: &NoCopy) -> bool

fn gt(&self, __arg_0: &NoCopy) -> bool

fn ge(&self, __arg_0: &NoCopy) -> bool

impl Eq for NoCopy

impl PartialEq for NoCopy

fn eq(&self, __arg_0: &NoCopy) -> bool

fn ne(&self, __arg_0: &NoCopy) -> bool

impl Clone for NoCopy

fn clone(&self) -> NoCopy

fn clone_from(&mut self, source: &Self)