Link args

There is one other way to tell rustc how to customize linking, and that is via the link_args attribute. This attribute is applied to extern blocks and specifies raw flags which need to get passed to the linker when producing an artifact. An example usage would be:

#![feature(link_args)] #[link_args = "-foo -bar -baz"] extern {} fn main() {}

#[link_args = "-foo -bar -baz"]
extern {}

Note that this feature is currently hidden behind the feature(link_args) gate because this is not a sanctioned way of performing linking. Right now rustc shells out to the system linker, so it makes sense to provide extra command line arguments, but this will not always be the case. In the future rustc may use LLVM directly to link native libraries in which case link_args will have no meaning.

It is highly recommended to not use this attribute, and rather use the more formal #[link(...)] attribute on extern blocks instead.